THE BAKERS NECKLACE Cupcake Muffin Pan and by LuxeAdornments

THE BAKERS NECKLACE Cupcake Muffin Pan and by LuxeAdornments.

Honey says I’m food obsessed. I have to agree. I love the little food icons made of polymer clay in shapes of cupcakes, cheeseburgers, and what ever else foodie they have come up with now. This item, shown in link above, really takes the cake, or rather,  cupcake. Or rather, muffin.

I’d get a foodie tattoo if I could. Hey, I’m an adult, so legally I can! Honey will tease me. A lot. Can I live with that? Maybe a necklace or some cupcake earrings are more my patience. Too much teasing and I may have to kill him.

So I have already admitted I’m food obsessed, see first blog post. I even write my characters enjoying their meals. I detail what they make, what they favor and what smells good on the air coming from the kitchen. Even hot coffee makes the scene. Mmm, everyone loves coffee, right? But how many people love rice meatballs, simmered in chunky tomato sauce with a side of buttery mashed potatoes? I do, and so does Molly, featured in Idlewilde. Molly is a closet foodie with a boyfriend who cooks for her. She orders pizza. Tam roasts chickens. She loves his food, perhaps her way of saying that she loves him. But I’ll never tell.


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