I hate the DMV

The directions to the emissions testing were terrible and it didn’t help that I read them wrong. A little over a quarter tank of gas later, I find the stupid the place. And it’s a good thing I found it when I did because I was seriously about to kill someone. I even it said it out-loud, I’m about to kill someone. And then low and behold, just as I thought about giving up and going home, it was there. I was out within 15 minutes, fast efficient, and fairly polite. I was still on edge. The experience of trying to find the place left me shaking. A man who believed in karma would say that is what happens when one waits until later than the last minute to do this. I say, fuck you.

Coffee. I needed coffee. There was a Starbucks down the road, I knew exactly how to get there, but it is cold and uncomfortable. I didn’t want to go there. I remembered a coffee shop somewhere downtown, near the Habitat Re-Store, but where exactly I wasn’t sure. I decided to press my directional luck and try to find it. But when I was far past the spot where I ought to have been paying close attention, I pulled over and reevaluated my situation: do I double back and try again, or do I just go home? The urge for coffee won out and sure enough, I found it on the second passing. As I readied to turn into their parking lot, I was stopped by the Exit Only sign. Pulling over once again, I figured, what’s one more block in my journey?

With the weird guy standing in front of the tattoo parlor looking on, I pulled back out in to traffic and made my way around to the other side of the block. I found a spot neatly near the door and carted my stuff in, stopping in dismay before the door. They were to close in 45 minutes. Damn it. Though I can produce some good work in 45 minutes, my joy in life to sit in a coffee shop for hours on end. I love the sounds and smells the shops have to offer, the whirring, the clinking, the frrrrruuuuspt spewing forth producing warm and comforting smells, ah, I loved it.

I stepped into the little shop, finding I was completely alone, no one in the dinning room, and no one behind the counter. I suppose being that no one was here and that it was close to closing could be the explanation in the lax of service. Again, I asked myself, do I leave? Coffee, again, won me over. I ordered my usual Skim Latte and threw in a white and choco muffin, even though I had just eaten. I sat down and pulled out the lap top. It was warm in the seating area, but I was still shaking. The girl made her usual barista noises behind the counter as I tried to relax. She was kind enough to bring me my coffee and muffin.

Oh, my, the coffee was bad. It tasted like, ug, crap! I wrapped my hands around the cup, at least trying to absorb the warmth, but even the smell put me off. The muffin, however, was a redeemer of my day with it’s cream cheese top with choco chips and amoretto flavored choco cupcake/muffiness. Food saves the day again! I doubt I’ll be back here, given the early close, the bad coffee, bad music and the auntie’s parlor decor with the white lace and painted plates. It just wasn’t my kind of shop. I appreciate it anyway, and after a few minutes of furious typing, I relaxed. I even smiled at the words flowing forth from fingers. I relished in the fact that finally, something in my day was going right.

And then I lost my writing. My wonderful blog entry that I really enjoyed, prided myself in, and hoped that the few people who read this will really also enjoy it. Gone. All Gone. And so my day goes right back into the crapper. I hate losing my writings. Hate, hate, hate it.  Again, I was about to kill someone. I tried rewriting it, but the organic-ness of the piece was lost and the whole ordeal was too upsetting for me to try to duplicate. So I left ten minutes early.

As I was driving home, I was thinking of dinner. In my little town of Waubeka, we have a new restaurant which serves really good burgers, The Firehouse. I thought about stopping there later for dinner. Then the thought crossed my mind, I could go there now and grab a beer! Ha. Hm. That’s an idea….

And so I am here, enjoying my pint of Fat Tire, rewriting the blog entry with the amended ending. Perhaps this is what the piece needed in the first place. But don’t start saying that everything happens for a reason, because I really don’t buy into that shit. Things happen. Period. I suppose if I wasn’t already annoyed with the whole DMV fiasco, I wouldn’t have been that upset about losing the entry. But here it is, for the most part, a little longer than before, more for your buck, and possibly a much better ending.

Being here does take me back to college, when my roommate and I would take our homework to the coffee shop. One night, though, it was so full we couldn’t get a table. We ended up a few blocks away at the bar, drinking beer and getting A’s on our homework. Ah, the power of beer. I may have to make this place my new coffee house.


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