Honey is going to laugh his a$$ off at me…

…writing at the bar instead of the usual coffee shop…

He doesn’t like bars. He doesn’t like the noise, the rowdiness, the smoke… it’s quiet in here, just a few people populate, and there’s a no-smoking ban in Wisconsin for bars and restaurants. For a bar, it’s nice in here. And they have beer, which is always a plus, right?It’s a little chilly in here; January in Wisconsin always leaves for cold air, inside and out. I would rather have a warm beverage, but beer will do in a pinch. Usually when I type my fingers get really cold, but today I stay warm. It’s the rest of me that’s a bit chilled. I’m looking forward to my huge burger these guys churn out, greasy but not repelling, fresh, not frozen patties, crispy buns, no floppy buns here! They are still practicing their menu, hence the trials of mozzarella sticks wrapped in wontons that is going on up at the bar. The swearing reminds me that I am still in a bar and not a coffee shop, though when I look down at my computer, I could be on Mars for all I am aware of. And I am really enjoying my beer.

I’m not much of a wine girl. I like sweet wines, dessert wines, not the hoity-toity wines served at restaurants, the wines they think I should be drinking. Oh kill me, but I love Arbor Mist. Plum Loco, made by Door County Winery, is our present favorite. Rieslings, anything sweet and fruity will you find in our house. I am a beer person. I love the deep reds, the pale ales and the hearty, chewy beers of independent brewers and home-brewers. Note: I will reject your piss water. That is not beer, it is filtered water from the sewage plant. My beer of choice is Smithwicks, but this bar doesn’t serve it anymore. No one around here, apparently, knows of it. Hicks. I first tried it in Ireland, and have been depressed that it was not on the list of imports for ten years until they finally lifted the ban. I can now find it at the gas station. Oh joy. My second choice is any of the local Wisconsin brews, Fat Tire in particular. It’s pale, yet colorful and the taste has spark and is quite satisfying as a beverage. In other words, it has flavor!

To sum up, if this place was warmer than it is, I’d hang out here and write. Good food and beer, what else is there?

The Firehouse, Waubeka, WI.


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