The games are made!

Which comes first? We’ll know in a year’s time….

Calculating the poundage I still need to lose and how long it may theoretically take to do so, I think I may reach something substantial in the next year, that is if I can keep this up for the next year. The last 9 months have certainly been an eye-opener and 60 pounds just about gone for good. Can I loose another 100 in the next year? I’ll settle for 75. I’ve never been skinny, but I have been a healthy weight, a thinner weight and I would like to reach that again soon. Before my 40th would be really nice.

So, what I have also been trying to calculate is how long it will take me to reach 3K followers on Twitter. I’ve been on for about 2 years and have broken the 2K barrier over the Christmas holiday. If I give my weight a year, will the race be on for that 3000th follower? I’d really like to see. May be fun. And it will give me some time to think of a fun giveaway prize for the lucky schmuck. Oo! Maybe the book will be in print form by then.

So I have three races going? Oh my. My weight, my followers and my book. Care to wager on which will win? Comment and I’ll keep a running total!!


1. I’ve lost almost 60 pounds in the last 9 months. I have, reasonably, 75 to go.

2. Averaging 2K followers each year I have been on twitter, perhaps more lately, but for fairness sake, I’ll stick to the math.

3. My book is almost finished. I’m hoping that by spring, my genius English major friend will have things ironed and seamless. If it doesn’t get picked up by a publisher, I can have proofs made anyway for submission or distribution, but that will take $$. We’ll think about that, BUT it could be a good giveaway idea. (It could be worth thousands of pennies some day!!)

Place your bets!  Les jeux sont fait!!


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