Just don’t cross the skis…

If you cross the skis, not only will it cause a massive nuclear explosion, you might trip and fall. Well, I didn’t cross the skis. I didn’t even slide as much as I did the first time I tried cross country skiing. That first time was a disaster: wrong skis, wrong snow, wrong time.

I got the idea to try it again nearly 9 years after that first fateful day. Yes, I remember it that clearly. It was that horrifying. So why try it again? Well, some weight has been lost, joints are moving and I felt like it. I felt like I could. And to my pleasurable surprise, I could. The trick is to bend your knees. Afterwards, I remembered that I had knees. They wouldn’t let me forget it for days. The gilding was fun, the speed was exhilarating, even going down hill, though I needed to remind myself to not be afraid, was thrilling. I did it. That was even more thrilling. I did it, and I didn’t fall. Well, not while moving that is.

Here’s the story, you’ll laugh, at me, I promise. I fell, while standing still. We were skiing down a vacant parking lot at the park, just trying things out, not going very far or very hard. A car came down the drive so we moved to the side and stayed there until they passed. The car stopped by us and the driver chatted with Craig for a few minutes, letting us know where the groomed trials where. I was just standing there, I don’t think I was even fidgeting much, when my left ski slid inward, causing me to go down. I landed on my left knee. It felt like slow motion, but when I heard the loud clank my pole made when it hit the car, everything sped up again. Whoops. I fell. Eek. I dented the guy’s car. He didn’t seem too worried about it, but Craig was less than amused at my mishap.

Why is it that I mostly get injured while standing still? There have been other times, too, that if I had just been moving, I would have been fine. It’s when I stop that I get into trouble. Sounds a little ironic, doesn’t it?

I felt fine. We even skied quite a bit after the “incident”, but I should have known. The next day, the right wrist was throbbing, and refused to move, the hip starting aching later that night and into the next day. Craig said the wrist might have been torqued while in the pole strap. And, well, I didn’t tell him about the hip. It’s feeling better now, but I can’t fuel the fire. (I’ll tell you what happened to my back some other time. That’s an epic!!)

So, I bet you’re wondering, Is this the end to my skiing career? Nope. I’m going out again tomorrow with my sister. And though I don’t plan on falling, there will lots of fluffy snow catch me!


5 responses to “Just don’t cross the skis…

  1. Donald Bahringer

    Maybe you should stick to snowsoes. I know a lady who is an expert and could show you how.

  2. ellisonbaypottery

    Your cross country skiing experience mimics my first attempts. I’m happy you’ll try it again. I gave it my best and then admitted that I was never into it in the first place. I did it for my husband, who is an avid skier.

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