Getting back to writing….

….and reporting on how my winter activities are going. I went snow shoeing with a friend this morning. It was nice to be out in my winter wonderland, snow covered hills, grown trees and a nice quiet solitude. Damn, I should have taken pictures. But just imagine with me, the snow covered ground, rising and falling over the landscape, the evergreens holding on to snow of the last storm, the naked maples reaching up to stitch earth and sky together, melding them into the same palette of winter hues. I love snow. The beauty, the rest I find in snow; I know it’s hard for people to understand, even life long Wisconsinites find me a bit odd, but that’s besides the point. I love snow. I can’t describe it other than it is my restful spot, my recluse, my heaven. The color, the white, blank canvass with the edges of tiny crystals catching the sunlight (when there is sunlight), the sleek cover over the hills before my shoes break up the uniformity. The starch-ness, the starkness, the bleakness- yes there is beauty in death. Perhaps this is my afterlife for a while, a place of repose where I don’t have to worry so much about life. I freeze a little with the winter, I slow down and hibernate, escaping the daily life of the rest of the world. I can’t stay there unfortunately, because for some reason, the world continues to turn with or without me, and if I don’t come back, well, I may as well stay in my igloo. And as appealing as that may be, I know I can’t stay long. So I relish in my snow, my get-a-way, my sanctuary, my paradise.

I think I could live on Antarctica. I think I could handle the 365 days of snow. Yes, I would have to wear a warm jacket and gloves and whatnot, but I do that now. And yes, I like spring and summer and fall, I’m not a total robot, but I am completely content with snow- especially in winter. A lot of people around here are getting sick of the snow: interpretation- they are getting sick of shoveling and driving in the storms. Agreed. It’s not the funnest aspect of winter, but what is the scenery in the country, the hills of smooth vanilla ice cream, the rivers of reflective ice, the beauty, oh the beauty of winter. Behold!

So what if you have to wear a scarf. They come in pretty colors now.

I always said I had the body for winter; the big lumpy sweaters hiding the waistline, the turtlenecks that hide the second chin, the long pants, the covering of everything, head to toe. But as I’ve mentioned before, I am losing the weight, and I even started wearing shorts last year. Imagine! ME in shorts! It felt liberating, and hopefully this summer, those shorts will be too big to wear again. But in the meantime, I don my favorite jeans and my big fluffy warm sweater and curl up with my blankie and my Craigie in front of the fireplace, sipping on wine or hot chocolate.

How could you not love the winter?


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