Unscheduled Vacation

I know, I’ve been away. Miss me much? Nah, I didn’t think so! Well, you know how much I’ve been talking about cross country skiing? I went for an hour one afternoon with my sister and our friend Sue. They did great, and I did great too, trying to catch up. Oh I had fun, sliding and shushing and getting my heart rate up like I’m not supposed to be! It’s true. With the RA, getting my heart rate up is not a great idea due to my energy issues. But boy, did I have a great time. After, however, I didn’t have as much fun. Let’s see… that was almost 4 weeks ago and it was just the end of last week when I felt like going for a walk. It exhausted me to the point of not being able or even wanting to do anything other than breathe. And that was even questionable on some days. I wasn’t even writing much during that time either. My days off that I like to spend at the coffee shop turned into yawn fests and quality time with my beloved blankie. Bala was happy to have me home, but other than that, nothing got done. Needless to say, the weight loss stalled. But I woke up the other morning and did some leg lifts, some low impact squats- mind you, I DID them, not just thought about doing it. It felt good. And I can’t wait to do them again. Butt’s a little tired, so maybe I’ll go on the balance ball and do some faux sit-ups. They don’t require much energy, much dexterity, and therefore are a nice way to ease myself back into “working out” the way I should be.

I honestly thought I was going to be ok the day after the skiing. I didn’t get sick. That’s right- sick. In times before this, if I over did it, I was so sick for a day or two after. I had the flu without actually having the flu. It was horrible and when it didn’t come, I really thought I was in the clear. It was the eternal fatigue that got me. Bastards. But at least I was able to do it, have a lot fun doing it, and hopefully will be able to do it again.

I did have some progress with Idlewilde. I’ve read through it, edited it and sent off to two of my good friends, English Major and Journalism Major. I love them both for so many reasons! The mind has been churning over The Engine Driver and a new one I have been muddling over, title yet to be revealed. I had a dream the other night about being pregnant. I have those dreams often when I’m working on something new. A friend once said that it was my creativity that I am “gestating”. Makes sense. I remember telling her, it was a girl, to stay where she was so she could grow and develop because I wanted her to be strong and intelligent when she does finally come out. It’s exactly how I feel about the new baby.

April is host to another writing frenzy. I had so much fun last November, I just might have to finish the story I started during that time. Get the gears moving, need to think. Appropriate time of year to thaw out and return to the land of the living. Just in time to finish my novel about dead people!!


2 responses to “Unscheduled Vacation

  1. I think you’re a rock star, and I mean that. xoxo

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