My horrible Sunday Night…

Things happen in threes, I told myself when I realized that a second thing went missing. The first thing is a DVD from the library. I can’t find it anywhere. It shouldn’t have gone far, but it was not where I had it last. Gone. WTF?? Ok, so now I can’t find my blue sweater. I just had it, thought I put it in the laundry, did ALL of the laundry and it was not there. Where is it? So I yell at the gremlins to return my stuff and I think I pissed them off because all of sudden, after a nice dinner with Craig at the Charcoal Grill, I noticed my ring was missing. My ring. My LEFT Hand ring. The one Craig gave me for Christmas, a one-of-a-kind white gold with the pearl that my brother Charlie made just for us. Gone. We looked everywhere. Outside, inside, cars, called restaurant, looked in bags, pockets and even behind the bed where I was fixing the sheets just moments before. I start to cry. I ask the gremlins to keep the damn DVD, but please return my ring. Craig continues to search. He plunges himself into the downstairs closets where I was ruffling through earlier in the day while I numbly look into a basket I thought maybe that stupid DVD may have fallen into. Well, damn. I didn’t find the DVD, but I found the ring. I wonder, will the gremlins return my other items as well? Maybe if I start to cry…


4 responses to “My horrible Sunday Night…

  1. Donald Bahringer

    Annie I think you are losing it.

    Senor Donaldo

  2. Hello!
    Good read; I just subscribed yesterday (found you on twitter). Hope the sweater turns up… (my bets on the gremlin with the smart dress sense – he shouldn’t be too hard to spot).

    I have to say… the line, “My ring… with the pearl that my brother Charlie made just for us.” sparked visions of poor ol’ Chuck bent over straining w/butt cheeks firmly taunt and pressed together… well, you get the picture (yes, I’m demented).

    All will turn up in the end. Cheers!

    • Ew, don’t want to picture Charlie’s but… 😀 Make me laugh!! You know, my mom emails me said We used to pray to St. Anthony to find lost things, so I think, Ok Dude, if you can help, I’m game! Not more than 10 minutes later I find the sweater crumpled on the chair where Craig keeps his work bag. Now I just need to find that stupid DVD and I just might be all right!! Good to meet you! 😀

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