Things written, but not yet read….

Things I’ve written, things I’ve said, things I’ve thought about and tried to remember to write down, all stare at me as I stare out the window, wondering when they are going to be brought to life. Funny thing is that I’m thinking the same thing as I stare into the world outside, wondering when the world will write me, when the world will let me live the life I want, not just the one I’m given, because that one is for shit and I really don’t want it anymore.

I write and I feel good, but I know I’d feel better once I finish and send it out into the world. Do what it may, I know it may fail, but at least I will have tried. Who knows, maybe people will like it. I do, and I’m a picky reader. I used to wonder if it was just based on luck, because I’m just about as unlucky as they come. It would explain a lot, but then again, I really don’t want to lay my life into superstitions. That would defeat my “free will” speech. I also think that there is way too much to do in one life. How the hell am I to just pick one? and maybe something on the side for a hobby? Crap. I want to do so much, with so little time and money, and now, health. So I sit at my computer and hack out a few words that may or may not make sense to anyone passing by. Sorry if it doesn’t: welcome to my world.

Check out the tab above labeled Ecritures: I found the beginning of a story I started writing a while ago. It wasn’t meant for anything epic, but I thought it may be kind of fun to write. I spent quite of bit of my teen years in cemeteries, getting to know the residents, and heck, if I was going to be spending eternity somewhere, I’d really like to get to know my neighbors.  Enjoy. Or not….


One response to “Things written, but not yet read….

  1. Fear not lovely lady. Ideas need to simmer together like a good soup, flavors mixing and becoming something much greater than the sum of their parts. I have faith in your ability. Be patient. Give the ideas time to come together. At any minute a new idea might come that links a bunch of them together into something incredible. Keep your chin up and your pen on the page.


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