I think Spring has sprung.

If you don’t believe me, ask the flowers. I’m sure they wouldn’t be blooming if they weren’t 100% sure that it was time. So the weather has been crappy, it’s always crappy. And if it is a good day, you’re at work and can’t enjoy it, so just shut up. As for me, I admit, it is spring. There will be no more snow to ski upon, no more snow to snowshoe through, no more beautiful snowflakes flittering to the ground. Boo hoo. I love winter, if you haven’t guessed already. But it is time for spring, time for us to move on, and as the circle keeps on turning, winter will be back. Eventually. I can be patient, unlike the others who complain that it’s not really spring out side. It is. I’ve accepted it, and so should you.

But enough about that.

My coffee house choice for today is Stone Creek Coffee Roasters in Glendale. It’s right across the street from the Rheumatic Disease Center where I will be getting my infusion in a few hours. It’s a nice place, good coffee, but they don’t serve food, unless you consider muffins and cupcakes lunch. Ok, so I got a blueberry muffin. I always get so hungry sitting for two hours, unable to move in the Center. It’s good, moist, probably about 600 calories for half of it, but I’ll take it. For now. Coffee is nice and warm, although it happens to be warm outside today, with a high chance of thunderstorms as we had yesterday. I’m fine with that. I just wish it wouldn’t flood anymore. We had visited the western side of Wisconsin several times and every time this year we cringe when we hear that the Mississippi river is flooding. We’ve seen the flood lines of previous years and hope that everyone is safe. The weather can be so beautiful, yet so terrifying at times. I guess the worst we go through are tornadoes. We’ve had some hit close to home, but luckily, we haven’t had any mishaps, beside a cow trough landing in my sister’s yard. Nothing like the southern states and the home of my friend Sean Hoade. His house was destroyed, and I feel destroyed along with him.

People don’t understand how good they got it. Why is this? Why do we take things for granted, so often and so easily? Why can’t we just take a moment, appreciate what we have, and show a little compassion for when things don’t go according to plan. I don’t have a plan. Maybe that’s why I can appreciate the spring flowers and not bitch so much that it’s still in the 50s. I don’t care. What I do care about is how my dad’s feeling today, where are my friends going to sleep tonight, will I have enough money to get gas so that I can drive down to Glendale for my infusion…

What do these people not have to worry about that all they have to worry about is the weather?


One response to “I think Spring has sprung.

  1. I hear ya… people need to appreciate the little things and stop agonizing over what they can’t control. Life’s too short.

    I too prefer the winter time. Even though we don’t actually have seasons here (So Cal) the rain and cold are my favorites to huddle up with a good cup of coffee and my thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you feel better! 🙂

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