Working from home…

…and getting nothing done. The cats are happy that I’m here, I’m happy I am here, but my work is suffering. I have all the essentials, coffee, music, and nice atmosphere, but the cats, I tell you, are not used to having mommy home and therefore, want her attention. I don’t mind, so much. I miss them and it’s nice to spend some time with my babies. But now they are done, and sleeping the fun off and I have work to do. So, what am I going to write about? No idea. I do my blog post now for for Port Washington/Saukville, Wisconsin, and I tell you, I’m about blogged out. With that one, I need to be professional, kind and well spoken. This one can just go to shit if I really want it to. Hmmm…. ideas are starting to roll. Next time…

I need to have three different blog forums: one to be nice, one to be real and one to be not so nice. Oh, the energy it will take to do all three. (On the hunt for more Kleenex: did I tell you that I’m also allergic to my precious angels?)

But I am writing. I told my writer’s group on Tuesday that I have a legitimate excuse for not having anything prepared. Sort of. I am working on the Engine Driver. I’m further than what I have posted, about 217 pages into it all ready. I am also toying with the idea to put Idlewilde on ebook format and send it out, see what it does. It will take a lot of work to promote it, but it just might be able to work.  (Whoops, Kali is up and wants a pet. Now the keyboard is all full of cat hair.)

And I have lost my thought. Oh well. Like I said, I love the cats and don’t mind the interruptions. Perhaps this is why I don’t work that much from home anymore. Besides, I can’t make a Soy Latte here, just plain ol’ coffee with heavy creamer.

Why the ebook? you may ask? The library I work for has delved into the world of e-readers recently and I have been lured into its hypnotic hold. I like them, not sure if I want to purchase one yet, but I like them. And, as a librarian, I need to be well versed in these things. I do believe that the world of print and the world of ebooks can live together peacefully, if not co-habitable. Both have positives and negatives. In fact, I’ve even purchased a few books online that I can either read on my computer or on my iphone. The phone is very handy for at night when I can’t sleep and don’t’ want to turn the light on to wake Craig. I haven’t finished a book yet, because I’m not entirely thrilled with reading by phone light, but perhaps when we go camping I will want to even more.

Besides all the talk about people selling their books online for thousands of bucks, I just want my book to be available and out there. I’m not so much in a rush as I am anxious. And I have heard of people getting a better shot at being published by a traditional publisher if they see that their books are marketable and well received. Ok, it’s the “well received” part that worries me. But my mommy likes it!! That’s all that really matters, right??

I would love the feed back, if you have the time.

Thanks world…


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  1. Edith Bahringer

    OXOX mommie

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