Wishing for Rain on Vacation:

I love Door County. If I can’t live here, I want to at least visit it as often as I possibly can.

We’ve fixed up a small camper to the point where it’s nicer than my house and I don’t want to leave. It’s comfortable, all the pleasures of home while still being able to move it to where ever we want to go. To me, that’s living! I love to travel. I’d go anywhere, except maybe the Middle East, right now. I want to go to Prague in the most horrible way. But I don’t think we can pull the camper there.

Door County is a nice destination for our maiden voyage. We already know our way around and even have some friends to visit, if we can pull ourselves away from the camper. I tell you, it’s nice. The bed is comfortable, the space is limited, but it’s close by. Craig even put in a little chemical toilet and it’s been ok. A little weird at first, but once you get used to it… we’re still close enough to the facilities that showers are just a walk away. Oh, and did I mention that we are totally alone here? Everyone we talk to gave their concern about finding a camping spot, but I wan convinced that it would be fine. Turns out, we are the only campers here, besides a few in the big rigs at the Seasonal spots across the grounds. We have the run of the place. We even joked about picking a new site every night, or sitting at a different picnic table or use a different fire pit. We’ve been at places where there were just a few campers before, but never being the only ones!! I could really get used to this!! I know, I know… It will never happen again!

I wanted to do some writing as well up here, but the weather has been so nice, that I haven’t had much of an opportunity. And when I did have time, we were watching movies on the laptop, so that didn’t work either. How often does one wish for rain while on vacation?

But I don’t know what to write anyway. I’ve been thinking of the Engine Driver, but I’m at an impasse: I’m standing on one side and the characters are on the other side, staring at me, waiting to see what I’ll do next. I’m kind of standing there too! Staring at me, waiting, wondering what I’ll do next. It would be nice to know, but I promise, they will be the first ones to know when I get there.

I’ve been trying to read, too, while on vacation. It’s hard. I often just stare out into the picture before me: at the beach, water lapping the rocks or the sand, the gulls crying overhead, the wind gently blowing through the rushes, or just the sun warm on my face. I could sit and do nothing for hours. I want to type, but then I’d miss what’s not going on around me. I’d be lost in a different world rather than being lost in the world where I drove many miles to get to. I’d miss the forest walks with the ground blanketed in forget-me-nots and fresh ferns.

I’m lost between worlds. I want to be in both at once, at the same time. I guess I’ll just have to move up here so I can get saturated in one world, sending me in peace to the other. Ugh, I’d still have to get a job, though, wouldn’t I? I guess my best hope is to just wish for rain.


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