Idlewilde, getting back to the prodigal child…

One of the things my friend/editor suggested was an introduction. I had one, but I deleted it. I did, however, write another one. Tho this one does not give as much detail as the first one, it gives a little insight on the more important aspect of the novel: Kat. I never thought about that angle. Of course, it always helps to have another pair of eyes to look over that you can’t already see, mainly because the sight is so saturated that it is hard to separate what you physically see with your eyes and what you see with your imagination. It’s odd how much the two can get confused. Or rather, infused. Taking her suggestions to heart, I can see her point of view. Some of the ideas that I like to include, like shock, bewilderment, and a little “WHA??” may have to be toned down. Perhaps those are the aspects I can bring back in full force after my ten book deal goes through. I can dream, right?

The suggestion also specified that I should tie her in with the little girl in the story that goes missing. (Don’t worry, I’m giving anything away that you won’t learn in the first chapter, also posted under Idlewilde, above.) I think this connection has a deeper meaning than I realized. The lost girl at 19, vs the lost girl at 9. How does this connect with Molly’s job, her emotional investment? Rounding out all these sharp corners will be difficult, but I think I can do it. I’ve become a little blinded by all the thoughts in front of my eyes, but maybe after being away from it for a while, some of that has calmed down.

For this reason, as well, I will be taking some time off of work. Besides having so many vacation hours to use, I need to get this on the track and have it sent off where it can finally come to its fate, its destination.

And yes, I looked into self publishing, but I am ignoring the promise I made to myself- if I can’t go through the traditional pubs, THEN I would do self pub. It’s the path I would prefer, so why I’m trying to deviate is beyond me. Tension, perhaps. Fear…

So I wrote a page. It’s not the end all, rather the start of it all. I would, actually, like feedback if you can. Tweet me, Facebook me, respond to the blog. All thoughts are welcome. Thanks in advance…


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