My new blog….. All about food…. and you know how much I love food!

If you read my new blog at, you’ll see why I started this new blog. If you have read any of my previous blogs here, you’ll also understand why I would do a food blog in first place.


I love to cook and I love to eat. I’ve set up a vegan blog (something I am not completely yet, but feel like I am on my way to), an email account ( a Facebook account (My Vegan Dinner) and a twitter account (@myvegandinner). Come and play!!

This may be something I can do more often, too, than just my weekly addition to my writing blog. (As Craig had asked: I thought you were supposed to be writing!) I am! That’s the coolest thing about it! I will be writing, tho it may not be on my fiction. A dream come true would be to write a cookbook. And, hey, The Pioneer Woman is getting her own show on Food Network…. so….. yeah, we’ll see about that, but for now, we’ll just have a little fun!

This blog may be void of some of the cuisines that I have enjoyed before, I may have to stick in some cheese now and again, but it will be mostly vegan. Hey, if Craig can eat my cooking (with homemade seitan), anyone can eat these recipes!! He raved about the dinner I made tonight and the featured dinner on the new blog. I will also share info on there as I find it, as I do at the library-Oh, I find so much fun stuff, I need to share this! And you need to read it if you are remotely interested in it. (I have the luck of finding really cool info! May be why I became a librarian!!)

Come and play. And eat. And as always, give me feedback!


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